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About The Seige

Hip hop artist James “Taz” Conley and producer Riley “Goon” Taylor are the electric new hip hop duo The Seige. After following different paths to the City of Angels, Taz and Goon found each other and started their initial collaboration.

The Sound

Their music resounds, characterized by energetic, drumming beats, and aggressive, pounding, and motivating vocals. A very diverse and eclectic personal playlist of artists can be heard in the creative tracks the duo has released. 

New Duality Double EP Out NOW!

  1. Vol. 1 The Seige 0:40
  2. Roddy Piper The Seige 2:19
  3. Bad 2 The Bone The Seige 3:30
  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha The Seige 3:13
  5. Pe$os The Seige 2:48
  6. Back Up The Seige 3:53
  7. Vol. II The Seige 0:35
  8. I'm Coming Home ft. Jaye Classic The Seige 4:12
  9. Right Now The Seige 3:39
  10. Everythings On Fire The Seige 3:13
  11. Find Me The Seige 3:24
  12. Die For You The Seige 3:43
Back Up (Official Music Video)4m 31s

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